Setup Email Forwarder Function on SmarterMail

Step1. Log in to your email hosting (SmarterMail) with an admin account

Email Address:
Password:        ****************
To use the Email Forwarder Function, You will need to create the Forwarder Email address first.
If you want to create an email address on SmarterMail, click here.

Now, we will show you how to add the email addresses under the forwarder email.

Forwarder Email Address:
Forward To:,,,

Step2. Click “your forwarder email address”

And, add the email address that you want to forward as follows

Then, Click “Save

In Next Section, We sent the email to the “Forwarder Email Address (” from Gmail.

And then, the Forwarder Email Address will forward to your receipt email address as follows.

Finally, you can check the email from the receipt address.

Receipt (1)


Now you can set up the forwarder function on SmarterMail successfully.

Thank you!!!

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