How to Block Spam Emails for Email Hosting in, there are 6 steps as follows:

1. Login to system

You can login via the link Login page : Login   to access the cPanel system page.

  1. Login by entering the E-mail that you used to order / apply for the E-mail Hosting service.
  2. Enter the password that you used to order / apply for the E-mail Hosting service.
  3. sign in

2. After login, login to

You select the menu above as the E-mail Hosting service and select the name tag that you have created. Click on the name tag name.

3. After entering the name tag

After clicking on that name tag, you will find that there is a red square of Manage E-mail and Mail, click on Manage E-mail to go to the cpanel page.

4. After clicking on Manage E-mail

After you have clicked on Manage E-mail, you will come to cpanel page, where you can create a filter.

By entering the big menu titled Email and selecting the sub-topic Global Email Filter, click on the Global Email Filter.

5.Global Email Filter

After that, click on Create a New Filter .

6. After clicking Create a New Filter

After clicking Create a New Filter, you will be taken to the Global Email Filters page  .

You specify as follows:

  1. Filter Name here is the name of the Filter. Customers can set it to anything, for example Block Email 04/03/2018.
  2. Rules here are rules or restrictions that we want to set up the email that we want to block. If the customer wants to block general email, enter the details as shown in the example below.

7. From the picture of Rules above, I will explain the operation as follows.

  1. This rule is to block emails sent from will not be able to send in
  2. This rule is to block all incoming emails from emails such as , , All this cannot be sent in.
  3. This rule is that all emails with a subject containing spamnaka will be blocked.

Note: In order to set Rules to multiple Rules in one Filter Name, the customer has to click on the + sign behind it.

After that, press save to save the filter.

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