How to set E-mail on Apple MAC in system has 3 steps as follows:

1.login to webmail page

You must login to webmail to set up by going to the link

After entering the webmail login page, you need to enter the E-mail you want to enter and password and press login.

2. After login to

After login to, go to the image of the person in the white on the upper hand and click on configure mail client

After pressing enter You will see that there is the setting information of the E-mail hosting that is active in the Mail Client Manual Settings section.

For non-ssl, use it as the that you use.

Both incoming and outgoing

You can use the Incoming server and outgoing server settings.

how to set it on mac book

1. Open the Mail app.

2. Go to the left corner, select Mail heading and select Add Account.

3. Then select Other Mail Account and press Continue.

4. In the Name, enter the name and call of that email and in the Email and Password, then Sign in.

5.Then let the customer enter the Email Username Password with the Username to enter the full email address such as

then the customer chooses whether to use it as POP or IMAP

Then, the customer enters the Incoming Outgoing value of the email, then click Sign In again.

6. After the customer fills in the information and presses Sign in, it will see the Mail and Note window for the customer to press Done, and then test for sending and receiving mail in the Mail app.

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