How To Order WordPress Pro Plan?

Step1. Login to account,

Step2. Click the “WordPress” Menu

Step3. Click “+ Server

Step4. Choose a WordPress Pro Plan as follows

You can choose the “Domain Name Type” as you prefer

And You can choose the WordPress Pro Plan also.

You can choose the Contract Period that you want to use some period

Step5. Please select a payment method also. [To Check Payment Method]

And Click “Order

After you completed to make the payment for the services, please send the payment screenshot to us with the following email address.

Now, you order a WordPress Pro server successfully.

And then, you can click “Visit My” to check your order on your account

How To Check WordPress Pro Services and Login Information?

After you completed the payment, your WordPress server is running Status.

Step1. Go to the “Refiner” under WordPress Server List to check your WordPress Pro Services

Select “WordPress Pro” as follows

Step2. Click your “WordPress Pro Server” Under Name Tag

Step3. Click “Login Information” to check the cPanel login

Step4. Click the “Login” Button to enter cPanel

Now, the cPanel login is successful.

Thank you!!!

77WordPress Pro
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