How To Order a CloudVPS?

Step1. Login to account,

Step2. Click the “Cloud” Menu

Step3. Go to the “+Server

Step4. Choose Your Cloud VPS Hosting Plan

  • Region [Bangkok]
    • Default Region
  • Type [VPS]
  • Image [OS]
  • OS [Linux/ Windows/ Other]
    • You can choose the OS type that you want to prefer to use
  • Plan
    • You can choose the plan depending on CPU/RAM
  • Root Password
    • Enter the Root Password for the server
  • Name Tag
    • You can change the Name Tag of the Server
  • Contract [Monthly/ Hourly]
    • You can make a contract with the VPS
    • You need to deposit a contract amount on your account
  • Additional Disk(SSD) [Not Used/ Added Disk/ Add New Disk]
    • The VPS server’s storage is at default 50GB SSD.
    • So, you can add a new disk such as 200GB or 500GB additionally.

And then Click “Next”

Finally, You got a new CloudVPS server.

Thank you!!!

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