How to Install OwnCloud Application on Webhosting (cPanel)?

Step1. Login to account,

Step2. Click the “Web Hosting” Menu

Step3. Select your Webhosting server Under Web Hosting Server List

Step4. Enter to the “cPanel

Step5. Go to the Applications Section, And Click “View More

Step6. Search the “ownCloud” Application from “Search for an application” as follows.

Step7. Now you can install the ownCloud Application and Click “+install

To install the ownCloud Application, please select a domain and a directory as follows.

And then, Setup an Administrator UsernamePassword, and Email to access the ownCloud

After that, Click “+install

Now the application is installed for a few minutes.

The ownCloud Application is installed completely, Please note and save the URL to login as follows.

To log in to the ownCloud application, you can log in to the ownCloud with some browser.

Now you can use the ownCloud to share and save files and documents and so on.

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