How to make alias domain in Plesk

How to do alias domain in plesk
1.login to control panel

2. Click on add domain Alias ​​menu.

3. Enter the domain name you want to do Alias.

Please tick Synchronize DNS zone , Mail service , Redirect with the http 301 code and click ok.

* If the name server is used at *

4. After the control panel has been created and the domain has been added.

You have to come to the dns menu again because private will not do auto dns for you.

Get + domain and put the domain name added in the private host into it.

After that, the domain name will appear in your domain list.

Please click on the pencil or edit to edit the information.

and press picture + 2 times

After that, put the name as www and @ as shown in the picture.

In the value field, enter the private host’s IP.
After that, click “save” to wait 1-2 hours for updates.

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