How to install WordPress in Web Hosting

2. Choose the host you want.

3. Select cpanel

4. Go to WEB APPLICATIONS, select view more.

5. Select cms wordpress

6. Press Install this application.

7. Choose the domain name and url you want.

You can choose a domain name if you have multiple domains and urls you want, for example Recommended to choose http://www and can choose version and language, but always recommend to install the latest version.

*Directory (Optional) If installed to a domain in the root path, do not enter anything. But if installing into a sub folder, you can specify the desired folder name, for example

7.1 Enter User Name Password and email to use with wordpress.

This section is information of backend system wordpress example url

website Tittle is to create a name for wordpress. It is available in case we have many installations. It’s convenient to use.

Press install and wait for the installation to complete.

8. How to log in to the back of the wordpress system via

Go to Menu Web APPLICATIONS choose wordpress we install or viewmore in case there are many

9. You can login to the back of the wordpress system by pressing the aforementioned url.

*If you go to wordpress at the back of the house through this page, you don’t need to enter your wordpress user password.

*But if it’s a normal login, such as typing into the browser or¬†It is necessary to enter the user password of the WordPress backend system.

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