How To Add Domain Name On WordPress Server

1. Adding Domain Name in WordPress Domain List

Step1. Login to account,

Step2. Click the “WordPress” Menu

Step3. Click the “Domain” from the left side

Step4. Click “+Domain” and Enter your Domain Name

Step5. Go to “Save” button

2. Adding Domain Name On WordPress

Step6. Then press the “server” to return to the WordPress page again

Step7. Click your WordPress Server

Step8. Click the “WordPress Site” under the Name Tag from the WordPress List

Step9. Click “Website Information[Live Area]

Step10. Click the “Edit” button as a pencil image in the URL line

And then, Choose your Domain Name from the list but leave “blank” on the www.subdomain‘s box

and Click “Save” button

Step11. Click “Redirection Setting” to access www and without www

And then, enter “www” and Click “Save

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