How to create a Database Web Hosting

1. Choose the host you want.

2. Select cpanel 

3. Select Menu MySQL Databases

4. Create Database and User Password

  1. Create Database and click Create Database.
  2. Create Username , Password and press Create User.

5. Add User to Database

Let the customer select the desired Database and User so that the User can access the created Database. Press ADD.

6. Give permission to the user 

This is to give permissions to the user so that they can use the database according to the permissions given to them and press Make Change.

*It is recommended to select All PRIVILEGES to grant all privileges to the user to manage the database.

7. If it’s done, it will show the page as shown in the example.

If you want to edit the permissions already given, you can click edit from a user under the Privileged Users section.

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