How To Add A New WordPress Site

1. To Add A New WordPress Site

Step1=> Login to your account,

Step2=> Go to “WordPress” Menu

Step3=> Click your “WordPress Plan” under the Name Tag

Step4=> Click “+WordPress” to create a new WordPress site

Step5=> Set up URL, Username and Password to login your WordPress Dashboard

For URL, it can be created as our subdomain first. After creating a new WordPress, t can be changed to the desired URL name.

Step6=> Click “Add” button to create

After creating a new WordPress completed, it can be used and changed the URLs.

2. To Add A Domain on New WordPress Site

Step1=> Go to “New WordPress Site” under WordPress List

Step2=> Go to “Website Information [Live Area]

Step3=> Click the “Edit” button as a pencil image in the URL

Step4=> Select “Domain Name” that you want to use on the website

Step5=> And then, Click “Save

To redirect the website with www and without www

Step7=> Go to “Redirection Setting” and Click “ON

Step8=> Enter “www” and click “Save

Finally, the new WordPress site can be used with the desired URL name.

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