How To Access The WordPress Via SFTP

1. Create SFTP Master Account For All WordPress Sites

Step1=> Login to your account,

Step2=> Go to “WordPress” Menu

Step3=> Click your “WordPress Plan” under the Name Tag

Step4=> To create SFTP Master Account, Click “+Account

Step5=> Setup “Username and Password for SFTP Master Account

Step6=> Click “Save

Now, The SFTP Master Account is created and can use with WinSCP, FileZilla and etc.

2. To Login The SFTP Master Account via WinSCP

Step1=> If there is no the WinSCP application on the PC, Please download it from

Step2=> Open the WinSCP program

Step3=> Fill the Hostname, Port, Username, and Password of SFTP Master Account on WinSCP

And Go to the Login

Step4=> You can upload the various files on the WordPress Folders

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