How to make alias domain in Plesk

How to do alias domain in plesk1.login to control panel 2. Click on add domain Alias ​​menu. 3. Enter the domain name you want to do Alias.Please tick Synchronize DNS zone , Mail service , Redirect with the http 301 code and click ok. * If the name server is […]

Adjust PHP Version and Enable Error Plesk

How to adjust php version and open error plesk 1.login to control panel plesk2. go to php settings 3. Choose php that php support ( php version … can choose the version as you wantif you change it already. Go downstairs and press ok.If you want to open error1.error_reporting is to set […]

How to create a Database in Private Host (Plesk)

How to create Database in private host ( Plesk )1.login to control panel Plesk2. After login, go to control panel, go to the desired domain and click on Database menu. 3. Press add database 4. Enter the database name and user database with password, then press save and you’re done.

How to delete domains and subdomains

How to delete domains and subdomains *** This method of deletion, if you remove it, then all the data of the name that has been removed will be lost **** During the process, please consider before proceeding. How to press Remove login Login to Plesk Click on the Websites & […]

How to add Port on Firewall Rules Plesk

How to add Port on Firewall Rules Plesk Login to Plesk system Press to enter the Tools & Settings menu. Press to go to the Firewall menu. Click into Firewall Rules to add Port. Click on Add Firewall Rules. To configure a port that was justan example. After setting it, […]

How to Remove File website in Plesk

Login to Plesk Press to go to File Manager (if the main web name that you want to delete will be in httpdocs // for the subdomain will be the name defined) After entering the name information specified in parentheses item 2,press the square box in front of the file […]