How to Block Spam Emails

How to Block Spam Emails for Email Hosting in, there are 6 steps as follows: 1. Login to system You can login via the link Login page : Login   to access the cPanel system page. Login by entering the E-mail that you used to order / apply for […]

Set up Email on Mac book (cPanel)

How to set E-mail on Apple MAC in system has 3 steps as follows: 1.login to webmail page You must login to webmail to set up by going to the link After entering the webmail login page, you need to enter the E-mail you want to enter and […]

How to Add Domain in cPanel?

1.login to 2. Go to the webhosting menu under name tag and select the desired server. 3. Select the topic cpanel. 4. Select Addon Domains. 5. Enter the domain you want to add. Enter in the New Domain Name field, Subdomain and Document Root fields. The system will set […]

How to install WordPress in Web Hosting

1.login Link: 2. Choose the host you want. 3. Select cpanel 4. Go to WEB APPLICATIONS, select view more. 5. Select cms wordpress 6. Press Install this application. 7. Choose the domain name and url you want. You can choose a domain name if you have multiple domains […]

How to Order Email Hosting

Step 1.1 – Login your Account if you don’t have Account, you must register Step 1.2 – After Login your Account, you choose Email Hosting Step 1.3 – Start order for your Email Hosting Click “Email Hosting” and click “+Server” as shown in the figure.